Kay Marshall
Detours 1
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Now and Then Acrylic Crossroads Acrylic Loose Divide Acrylic
Juxtapose Acrylic Juncture Acrylic Six of Spades Acrylic
At the Moment Acrylic New Ground 2 Acrylic New Ground 4 Acrylic Overflow 1 Acrylic
Change of Course Acrylic In Flux Acrylic Ledge Acrylic
Unexpected 4 Acrylic Elsewhere Acrylic Relics Acrylic
Relics 2 Acrylic Echo Acrylic Traces Acrylic
Castaways 2 Acrylic Blue Shift Acrylic Losing Ground Acrylic
Edge Out 1 Acrylic Over Time Acrylic Edge Out 2 Acrylic
Falling Out 1 Acrylic Mixed Message 2 Acrylic Break Away 1 Mixed Media
Rift Mixed Media Break Away 1 Mixed Media Break Away 3 Mixed Media
Break Away 5 Mixed Media Break Away 4 Mixed Media Markers Acrylic
Markers 3 Acrylic Marker 2 Acrylic Time Lines Acrylic
Unexpected 3 Acrylic Misfits Acrylic Convergence 1 Oil
Shift Acrylic Fusion 5 Acrylic Loose Hold Oil
Loose Hold 2 Oil Tilt Oil Shifting Ground Oil
Orange Divide Acrylic On Edge Acrylic Change of Direction Acrylic
Interplay 5 Monotype Intervals 1 Monotype
Interplay 4 Monotype Between Lines Monotype
Loose Ends Monotype Out From Under Monotype
Intervals 3 Monoprint Roundabout Monoprint
Landmarks, 9.21 Monotype At Loose Ends 2 Monotype
Interchange Monotype On the Loose, 9.27 Monotype
Reconsider Monoprint Detours 1 Mixed Media Detours 3 Mixed Media
Detours 2 Mixed Media Tell Tales Monotype Give and Take Monotype
Side Lines Monotype Flow Below 2 Monotype Off Sides Monotype
Stack 2 Monotype Off Course 4 Monotype Off Course 7 Monoprint
Off Course 2 Monotype Jump Cuts 1 Acrylic Remix 1 Acrylic
Jump Cuts 2 Acrylic Cut Ups 1 Acrylic Notations 1 Acrylic Notations 2 Acrylic
Cut Ups 2 Acrylic Cut Loose 1 Acrylic Change Up Acrylic
Inside Edge 2 Oil Inside Edge 6 Oil Inside Edge 3 Oil
Under Cover 1 Oil Inside Edge 11 Oil Inside Edge 7 Acrylic
Departure 1 Oil Departure 2 Oil Departure 9 Acrylic
Portals Oil Departure 8 Oil Inlet Oil
Remainder 6 Oil Remainder 1 Oil Spill 6 Oil
Remainder 4 Oil Just Below Oil Fallout Oil
Assembly Oil Exchange Acrylic Go Between Oil
Remnant 1 Oil Remnant 5 Acrylic Remnant 3 Oil
Detours 1
  Mixed Media
  8 x 8 in
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monotype with acrylic and pastels
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