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 Greg Wood   2022-01-03 08:36:58 

sweet work
 Sharon Wilchar   2020-02-25 13:31:30 

So great to see your name on this gallery announcement!! Sharon
 Jenny Miller   2020-02-19 15:08:01 

Looking forward to seeing your work and you on 3/21!
 Barb   2012-11-24 06:41:04 

My wishlist. Departure 9. Tell jim for xmas gift!  Love, Barb

 Barbara Marshall-Zank   2011-10-15 16:26:05 

Hey Kay,  Great paintings and prints.  We are in Pinehurst, NC  this weekend, Oct 13-15, 2011.  We need to get another print and see you and Gil soon1
Love, Barb
 BK Hughes   2011-03-26 10:07:24 

Keep me informed of your showings.
 jan Casey   2010-06-03 14:57:22 

hello kay. I  curate exhibits at the Bank of America, Transamerica Center ans several other buildings.  Are you interested?  How many large paintings do you have?


 Lizabeth Livne   2009-10-07 16:08:27 

Hey Kay! I love the new paintings and I really like the Remnant Series. Is it new? Hope all is well with you and Gil!
 linda mcgilvray   2009-06-13 17:44:32 

Fabulous! Inspiring! I must get busy with my art . . . reminds me a little of 60's work.
Keep up the excellent work.
 Kennito   2009-06-02 23:26:45 

kay, love your work... very distinctive and recognizablly unique style.  makes me wonder what visions dance around in your head.  you'll probably be famolus one day... about 50 years after you've passed on ;-)  you'll be glad to know I had the the two little orange ones that you gave us as a gift mounted onto a single 3-D type frame...look great!  don't think i'll be able to make it to your show though unless there's parking for my private jet.  love as always.
 diane abt   2009-03-15 08:47:07 

i really like your work...the rich colors, the energetic marks and gentle feel. was one of the bidders on your piece at the artspan auction, but, alas, didn't make the final cut.
 Barbara Marshall   2008-05-05 15:33:58 

Website looks great!  Am just getting started.  
Love, Barb
 John Marshall   2007-12-12 17:33:44 

Just saw your web site. Looks great.
 Naoko Morisawa   2007-11-08 21:20:34 

Hi, Kay
Nice to meet you, I am Naoko. I checked your art. it is wonderful.

See you.

Naoko Morisawa

 Mary Ann Leff   2005-05-26 22:38:13 

Kay, your work is so beautiful, and it looks great here!
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